The 4th generation of Corvette was designed in 1982 and it was introduced in the spring of 1983 as the new model of 1984. (In 1983 no Corvette was sold, only 40 pieces were made for testing purposes, from those only one left which is in the National Corvette Museum). This generation has kept its individual design because of its popularity till 1996, this is still the Coke bottle design what is proper to Corvette: 4 round taillight, hidden headlights, plastic body and the big V8 engine. Its $21800 price was the half of the same category sports cars, like Porsche 928, Ferrari 308. The car could reach the 60 mph speed in 7 seconds by the help of the 5733 c.c., 205 HP L83 type (Cross Fire Injection) engine, and the help of the 4 speed automatic transmission. Its maximum speed was 139 mph. 51547 pieces of Corvette was bought in 1984. (This was the second best Corvette selling year)

In 1985 the injection system was replaced, the L98 engine was equipped with the so-called Tuned Port Fuel Injection system. With this the horsepower increased to 230 and the car accelerated to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds and its maximum speed was 150 mph. 39729 pieces was sold in this year on $24403 price, while a Ferrari 308GTBi cost almost $60000.

In 1986 the 230 HP (L98) car got new Bosch ABS system, new car alarm (Vehicle Anti Theft) system, new aluminum manifold and new double exhaust system. By the help of the 4+3 manual transmission the acceleration to 60 mph increased to 5.8 seconds. The maximum speed was 154 mph. After 1975 the convertible type came up again. The new convertible was more rigid than the coupe. And with the whole Pace Car painting and package it was sold on $32032 price (7315 pieces). Altogether 35109 Corvette was bought on $27027 basic price in this year.

In 1987 Corvette was even faster, the compression of the engine was increased (L98 - 447Nm, B2K - 630Nm). The performance of the L98 engine was grown to 240 HP, while the optional Callaway Twin-Turbo engine performed 380 HP with 178 mph maximum speed ($19995). The price of the basic model was $27999, the convertible was $33172. In this year 30362 Corvette and 184 Callaway Corvette found their customer.

In 1988 the acceleration time to 60 mph decreased to 5.3 seconds (L98 - 240 HP, Coupe - 245 HP). The maximum speed was 155 mph and new 17" wheels were mounted to the car (Z51 and Z52 package). The Callaway Corvette (B2K) was 382 HP for at $25895 price (124 pieces). 22789 pieces of Corvette, both coupe and convertible, were bought in this year. For the 35th anniversary 2050 Special Edition Corvette were also sold.

In 1989 the 4+3 transmission was replaced with the ZF6 six-speed manual transmission (4113 pieces of Corvette was like this in this year). The "Selective Ride and Handling" system was introduced during the year ($1695 - 1573 Vettes) and you could order the hardtop option for convertible again. The L98 engine was 240 (convertible) and 245 (roadster) HP, while the B2K could 382 HP. For the basic price ($31545) 9749 pieces of roadster, 16663 pieces of convertible ($36785) and 69 pieces of Callaway Corvette (plus $25895) were sold. This year everything was ready to manufacture the ZR-1, what was waited with great expectation.

In 1990 the first supercar of USA, the ZR-1 ("The King Of The Hill") was ready, this was raise the Corvette to the top. Reeves Callaway, who tuned the Corvette from 1986, besides Dave McLellan beard a great part in building the car. The Top Gun Corvette what made 235.55 mph and the Sledgehammer Corvette what made 254.76 mph can be related to Reeves Callaway. The Sledgehammer got the widest Goodyear tyre (345/40 ZR 17) first on the world. The ZR-1 was equipped with a 375 HP 5731 c.c. DOHC V8 aluminum sport-engine with 4 valves, what was developed by the help of Lotus team, manufactured by Mercury, and it got the LT5 sign. With the 6 speed manual transmission the acceleration to 60 mph took 4.5 seconds and the maximum speed was 179 mph. For the first look (mostly from the front) the ZR-1 and the basic model seemed to be the same. The differences were only the rounded back part, the slightly rectangular taillights, the squared exhaust pipes and the LT5 label. The ZR-1 was offered only with 6 speed manual transmission and coupe type. This situation remained until the end of the manufacturing, deduct a few experiments. Its $59495 price, compared to the $180000 price of a Ferrari Testarossa, was not high. Every type got new dashboard, air bag on the driver side (which worked above 20 mph) and so called Supplemental Inflation Restraint (SIR) safety system, which harmonised the working of the safety belts and the impact. The L98 engine was still 240-245 HP. GM was sold 23736 standard Vettes and 3049 ZR-1 this year.

In 1991 the basic type inherited the back building-up of the ZR-1 and the front of the car was made more formful. The vertical side fender panel was changed to horizontal and new wheels were applied. From the back of ZR-1 the LT5 engine label was disappeared and the ZR-1 label was put on the back and also on the side of the car. The Valet key system was introduced for the ZR-1, which was predestinate to prevent the young guys from the power of Corvette, without this key only the normal power mode was applicable, but with it you could use your car in full power mode. This was the last year when you could choose the Callaway Twin Turbo option for $33000 (62 pieces was like this - B2K, 382 HP).

In 1992 the second generation LT1 5.7 small block of the basic model could perform 300 HP on 4000 RPM and accelerated to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds. The maximum speed was 250 km/h and the torque of the engine on 3200 RPM was 400 Nm. The car was made with 4 speed automatic or 6 speed manual transmission. The aluminum V8 block, with 4 camshafts and 32 valves, of the fastest car on the world (ZR1 - LT5) output 375 HP on 6000 RPM and its torque was 501 Nm on 4800 RPM. It was on 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds and it could reach the 278 km/h speed (only 502 pieces were sold). The ASR (Acceleration Slip Control) was introduced in the car and the Z07 package. 20479 pieces of Corvette was sold in this year ($33635, $41145). Corvette was not only celebrated its 40th anniversary but in June in Bowling Green, Kentucky the millionth Corvette was manufactured.

In 1993 the LT-1 engine was 300 HP (on 5000 RPM) and all off the Corvettes got electronically controlled running and more effective noise isolation. The 300 HP Corvette was in 5.1 seconds, while the ZR-1 (which is 405 HP this year) in 5 seconds was on 100 km/h speed with 315/35 Z17R size wheels. The passive Keyless Entry (PKE) system was introduced, the doors could be opened with it by pushing a button. 21590 pieces of Vette were sold and 447 ZR-1. The basic price was $34595 (coupe), $41195 (convertible).

In 1994 the car got wider rear wheels (285/40 ZR 17), new remote controlled alarm system and the package got even richer. New injection system got into the car: SFI - Sequential Fuel Injection (1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2) and the automatic transmission was replaced with an electrically controlled automatic transmission. The basic engine the LT1 was 300 HP and its top speed was 254 km/h. The ZR-1 was still available with 405 HP engine (on 5800 RPM) and 522 Nm torque on 5200 RPM. 23330 pieces (447 of ZR-1) of Corvette were sold (basic price: $36185 and $42960, the ZR-1 plus $31258).

In 1995 a breaking system was mounted which is better stand the loading. The car could be ordered with 5733 c.c. V8 engine with the old presser bar, which is the LT-1 (300 HP on 5000 RPM) with 461 Nm torque on 3600 RPM. With this engine the maximum speed was 259 km/h, the acceleration to 100 km/h was 5 seconds and the quarter mile was 13.1 seconds (20742 pieces). In 1993 the last ZR-1 engine was manufactured. The Mercury made (LT5 - the engine was assembled in the Bowling Green factory) aluminum 5731 c.c. V8 engine of the ZR-1 was 405 HP and the maximum speed was 288 km/h in 1995 (448 pieces). This year became the Indy 500 pace car again, that's why 572 Pace Car Replica was sold. The basic price was $36785 and $43665, for the ZR-1 plus $31258 had to paid.

In 1996, because Corvette will renew from next year, to say good-bye two new series were introduced: The Collectors Edition (Z15 - special painting, spoilers, emblems and pentacle shaped wheels) and the Grand Sport model (Z16 special painting, spoilers and pentacle wheels about 1000 pieces) with new 330 HP LT4 engine and 6 speed manual transmission. The other models are the same as last year (LT1 - 300 HP), in the beginning of 1997 these types are available. The so-called Selective Real Time Dampening system have been put in, which measures the forces on each wheels. The Z51 sport package was available. $37225 was the basic price and 21536 Vette was sold. For the despair of the world's sport car fans the selling of the one of the fastest two-seater sport car on the world was stopped. The ZR-1 was sold this year for the last time. Naturally in the garages of ZR-1 owners and in the tuning garages it lives forever. The Chevrolet these times was working on the 5th generation of Corvette, before which there was great expectation...